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Jobs at Dürkopp

Jobs at Dürkopp
For over 150 years now the traditional company Dürkopp based in Bielefeld has been a major employer in the region. Our company continues its dynamic development in the growing industry of intra logistics and is today an expanding manufacturer of systems that is active worldwide and has over 350 employees. The importance placed on the working atmosphere and career and training opportunities at Dürkopp make it a sought after place to work even nationwide, in addition to the attractiveness and central position of Bielefeld itself.

We stand for innovative logistics solutions with a focus on the clothing industry, online, retail and the automotive sector. We are the market leader in Europe for the automation of hanging garment distribution centres. We are a subsidiary of KNAPP AG which is based in Austria and with around 4.500 employees, ranks among the leading system suppliers in the field of warehouse logistics and warehouse automation.