Rising sales pushed the previous manual picking at the old location in Garbsen to its limits.

At a new location in Langenhagen, an increase in performance and delivery speed was achieved.

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On a floor area of 22,500 m² is the storage and work area, the packaging and dispatch area and the EcoPocket with the loading areas.

With the EcoPocket, arvato can now automatically sort flat goods and shoe boxes. At the induct station, operators induct the goods into an opening under which an empty pocket suspended from the rail. Hanging goods to be sorted can also be added to the EcoPocket.

Regular stored goods enter the pockets via 11 induct stations. To avoid having to sort prepared returns into the manual warehouse first, they are temporarily stored in a returns store with a capacity of 70,000 parts.


Logistics service provider


Women's, men's and children's clothing and accessories

Arvato Duerkopp Foerdertechnik


For more than 180 years, arvato has been offering service solutions for new challenges within Bertelsmann and is constantly developing.

At the logistics location in Langenhagen, the complete online shop logistics is handled for a well-known fashion customer.

The distribution center is part of arvato's SCM Solutions division, which employs 15,000 people worldwide. The company takes over all necessary processes for its customers, from the implementation and operation of online shops, product photography, online marketing, logistics and shipping, including returns management, to payment and accounting, customer service and e-commerce advise.

Arvato Duerkopp Foerdertechnik
EcoPoket Duerkopp Foerdertechnik
Dürkopp solution

EcoPocket system

This system is based on the roll adapter, which is expanded by a special product carrier - the EcoPocket. In combination with the roll adapter, the system is even able to sort items such as shoes, books and bagged textiles, actually all items that fit in a conventional shopping bag. This combination made it possible for the first time to transport and sort hanging and flat goods in one single system, which is an interesting solution for e-commerce in particular

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