Fence conveyor

The Fence System offers maximum throughput with high flexibility in the area of hanging garments. With a telescope, the hanging garments are taken directly from the truck/container in blocks and conveyed to the appropriate storage areas. Fence can be connected to automated storage areas such as shuttle warehouses or to manual storage areas. In addition, Fence offers the option of connecting to the EcoFlow™ single adapter system for store-based shipping sortation.

Without the use of any product carrier, garments-on-hanger can be hung directly in the system already at goods-in, regardless of whether they are metal hangers, clip hangers or plastic hangers. Trolley-less technology can convey individual parts or several meter long transport blocks of goods into the warehouse. Transports over long distances and complex sorting processes are solved automatically. Processing and buffer areas, in which the goods must be freely movable and accessible, are operated manually.