Proven and innovative system concepts for retail and fashion industry

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Produkt Rolladapter Duerkopp Foerdertechnik

Roll Adapter

Powerful for transporting and sequencing hanging garments.

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Transport and sorting of flat goods.

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Produkt Ecopocket Duerkopp Foerdertechnik
Produkt Split-Tray Duerkopp Foerdertechnik

Split Tray

With the Split Tray, you can sort different products directly into containers.

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Trolleyless systems

Trolley-free technology for highest throughput with maximum flexibility.

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Produkt Tollexlose Systeme Duerkopp Foerdertechnik
Produkt Trolley Duerkopp Foerdertechnik

Trolley system

The classic product in the sector of overhead conveyor technology, stable and durable.

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