The particular challenge was to integrate the new system into an existing infrastructure.

The location in Schwaig is not only home to the ITG headquarters, but also to the logistic hub for a well-known German fashion company that handles its shop deliveries from here.

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Dürkopp was able to offer and implement a complete solution tailored to ITG from a single source. The newly installed system contains 40,000 EcoPockets and has a sorting capacity of 15,000 items/h. In addition, it includes the complete tote conveyor system from the product line of KNAPP AG Graz.

The EcoPocket system makes it possible to handle the seasonal peaks during the entire year.


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Women's and men's clothing

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ITG GmbH internationale Spedition + Logistik is represented by 12 own branches and 7 logistics centers in Germany, the Netherlands, the USA and Russia. For ITG focuses on specific customer requirements and how to solve them, so that individual and flexible solutions can be developed in close cooperation.

ITG Duerkopp Foerdertechnik
EcopPocket Duerkopp Foerdertechnik
Dürkopp solution

EcoPocket system

This system is based on the roll adapter, which is expanded by a special product carrier - the EcoPocket. In combination with the roll adapter, the system is even able to sort items such as shoes, books and bagged textiles, actually all items that fit in a conventional shopping bag. This combination made it possible for the first time to transport and sort hanging and flat goods in one single system, which is an interesting solution for e-commerce in particular

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