The main focus was the change from single-stage picking to more effective batch picking.

There was still a requirement to improve the service level by being able to provide any sequence of articles required by the customer at the packing stations. In addition, there should be the option of being able to process and merge shoe boxes or other flat goods items in just one system.

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The Dürkopp Roll adapter system offers the solution for the requirements formulated by Mayoral. By adding the EcoPocket, not only hanging garments but also flat goods can be optimally integrated. All hanging garments are automatically fed into the roll adapter system, while the flat packed items are fed into the system at separate loading stations on the ground floor




Children's clothing

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Mayoral is represented in more than 75 countries with the development, production, marketing and distribution of children's clothing, making it one of the leading European companies in its sector. A network of 12 foreign trading companies, 200 sales outlets and 190 Mayoral stores worldwide belong to the company.

Mayoral Duerkopp Foerdertechnik
Ecopocket Duerkopp Foerdertechnik
Dürkopp solution

EcoPocket system

This system is based on the roll adapter, which is expanded by a special product carrier - the EcoPocket. In combination with the roll adapter, the system is even able to sort items such as shoes, books and bagged textiles, actually all items that fit in a conventional shopping bag. This combination made it possible for the first time to transport and sort hanging and flat goods in one single system, which is an interesting solution for e-commerce in particular

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