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Intralogistics and know-how from Bielefeld.

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Dürkopp Fördertechnik offers intralogistic complete solutions for the fashion, e-commerce and retail industry.

Unternhemen Duerkopp Foerdertechnik

With systems for the transport and sorting of flat goods and hanging garments, the company is the European market leader in the fashion sector. Customers include Marks & Spencer, C&A, Next, Brax, arvato, Primark, Wal Mart / ASDA, Zalando, K-Mail-Order and Miss Etam.

Dürkopp Fördertechnik is a traditional company that is firmly anchored in the fashion industry. Since 2010 Dürkopp Fördertechnik is part of the KNAPP Group. This merger has not only combined the expertise and industry know-how of our two companies, but above all stands for a great cooperation.

KNAPP, headquartered in Graz / Austria, specializes in automation solutions, robotics and logistics software, all from a single source, for companies in the healthcare, retail, fashion, food retail and industry sectors. The requirements of customers in logistics and production, as well as new trends in the fashion market, spur KNAPP and Dürkopp to create more and more intelligent solutions.

Unternhemen Duerkopp Foerdertechnik
Unternhemen Duerkopp Foerdertechnik

With Dürkopp and KNAPP, customers from the fashion industry have the perfect combination readily available.

Numbers &

Unternhemen Duerkopp Foerdertechnik Headquarters Bielefeld,
Unternhemen Duerkopp Foerdertechnik Employees Over 400 employees at
the Bielefeld campus
Unternhemen Duerkopp Foerdertechnik Installations More than
220 systems worldwide
Unternhemen Duerkopp Foerdertechnik Campus-Area 25.000 sqm
Unternhemen Duerkopp Foerdertechnik Core sectors Fashion

The Dürkopp company premises in Bielefeld