DFT has launched its new corporate identify and logo

The stage is set for “New DFT”: Just in time for the DFT Family Day. On June 16, 2023, the DFT brand showed its new logo and brand identity at its Bielefeld headquarters. The world premiere marks the start of a new era for DFT, which is accompanied by the simultaneous presentation of the AutoPocket™. The future of DFT is automatic, fully integrated and highly available. With its new appearance, DFT presents itself worldwide as a more modern and authentic member of the KNAPP Group. The new logo with the color of the parent company KNAPP is clearer and reduced to its essential components. The brand appearance and logo are primarily aimed at high flexibility and customer focus. The changeover is scheduled to be completed by fall 2023.

Our passion is long-lasting and valuable products that bring long-term economic benefit and joy to our customers. We draw our energy and motivation from long-term and personal relationships with our employees, suppliers and customers. You can find the link to our CI page with all the information and CI assets for agencies and service providers about the new DFT CI here:

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