Pick-it-Easy Robot

Pick-it-Easy Robot reliably picks items of various sizes and weights as well as with different shapes, surface characteristics and packaging. The wide range of articles includes cubic, round or cylindrical objects, flexible goods in bags (paper or plastic), articles with banderoles and polybags. Items with transparent surfaces or reflective packaging are also handled without any problems. The items can be dropped or placed in a container in a layered manner.

Automatic picking of fashion items in pockets

Fashion and textiles are considered particularly difficult for robots to handle. The reason: the goods are often soft, malleable and wrapped in film. This often makes it difficult for robots to determine the perfect gripping point and grip the parts reliably. Pick-it-Easy Robot solves this challenge with its powerful camera system and AI-based object recognition. In addition to picking, Pick-it-Easy Robot can now automatically pick fashion items into pockets.

The robot transfers the items to a pocket on an individual item basis via a chute. The item’s barcode is recorded in the process without any loss of performance and the item is linked to the bag: this means that every item can be found and retrieved in the system at any time. This automation approach is suitable for processing returns, for example, but also for stocking pockets with super fast-moving items or promotional goods. This increases efficiency and relieves employees at peak times such as Black Friday.