redPILOT® Operational Excellence Solution ensures that logistics systems operate at their optimal limit at every hour of operation. The intelligent software solution optimizes all resources such as personnel and machines, taking into account the constantly changing conditions of a logistics operation.

Shift schedules at the touch of a button

redPILOT® PLANNER supports efficient and resource-saving shift planning for intralogistics companies. With redPILOT® PLANNER you can create optimal shift plans, regardless of whether you work with full-time employees or employ part-time and temporary staff.

New way of team communication

If the teamAPP – a mobile app for smartphones – is also used, employees can view their shift schedules online and have numerous opportunities for participation.

Better decisions during operations

redPILOT® also delivers live reports and shows the best possible alternative courses of action as a basis for decision-making for operational warehouse management. Using machine learning algorithms, the application continually improves itself.

AI-supported optimization of your logistics operations

redPILOT® gives you control over the various systems and resources of your logistics system in one place. Three modules offer a holistic approach to shift management, highlight bottlenecks and excess capacity and support making better, data-based decisions. This reduces the cost per unit shipped, improves service for the customer and provides a more detailed and transparent view of all processes.


An optimized operating plan is calculated based on selected strategies. This module therefore enables you to achieve a holistic optimum across all resources (personnel, machines and goods).


The OPTIMIZER reveals hidden potential during ongoing operations. Among other things, alternative courses of action are provided directly in the event of bottlenecks or excess capacity. The respective decision maker not only sees data, but also receives concrete recommendations on how resources can be reallocated in the best possible way


The IMPROVER combines big data with artificial intelligence. As a result, redPILOT® continually learns and can improve forecasts and the accuracy of planning and solve complex operational challenges.


Is redPILOT® a personnel planning tool?

redPILOT® Operational Excellence Solution is a software solution that integrates data so that logistics systems can operate optimally at every operating hour. Identifying bottlenecks increases transparency and sustainably improves processes. Existing resources are used in the best possible way, enabling companies to achieve higher performance.

In different modules of the overall solution, with redPILOT® we focus on individual areas such as consistent operational planning, which, in addition to the PEP, also takes into account the planning of the automated components and their necessary servicing. In addition, our integration with WMCS solutions also allows the ongoing optimization of human and machine resources during shift operation with appropriate alternative courses of action, which are suggested for optimal shift management based on a self-learning system.

Does a server have to be provided for redPILOT®?

The redPILOT® Operational Excellence solution is a web-based application that is offered as Software as a Service as standard. This means that no own IT infrastructure is necessary. The data is processed in a secure ORACLE data center in Frankfurt. redPILOT GmbH is fully ISO 27001 certified.

How does communication with individual employees take place?

On the one hand, the redPILOT® Operational Excellence solution provides its information on screens (shift schedules can of course also be printed out). On the other hand, there is also the teamAPP: a smartphone app for those employees who want to be involved in events independently, promptly and interactively – in accordance with the rules set by the company.

What savings does redPILOT® deliver?

True to the motto of our first customer, the redPILOT® Operational Excellence solution is “good and cheap”. Of course, the savings potential per location depends on the size and complexity of managing the operation (the more complex, the better a rule-based, automated solution supports). Another crucial factor is how long the location has been in use and how experienced the responsible management team of the warehouse is. Basically, we see annual personnel cost savings of between 2%-8%. These are primarily driven by the best possible use of existing resources.

See how the redPILOT® PLANNER works in 3 minutes.

This video clip we give a brief overview of the facts, functions and use cases of the redPILOT® software solution.

See how the redPILOT® teamAPP works in 2 minutes.

In this video we give you a brief overview of the facts, functions and use cases of the redPILOT® teamAPP.