DFT environmental policy

DFT’s environmental policy refers to the policies, procedures and measures that DFT implements to minimize its impact on the environment while promoting sustainable business practices. This includes the use of environmentally friendly technologies, energy efficiency, waste management, resource conservation and compliance with environmental regulations. DFT’s environmental policy is intended to help improve its competitiveness, reduce costs and reduce its long-term environmental impact.

Almost every economic activity is associated with unavoidable consumption of resources and interference with nature. We are aware of this and from this we derive the obligation to control these effects for our company and to continuously improve the environmental compatibility of our activities.

The aim of introducing and maintaining an environmental management system is to ensure that the associated tasks are perceived as an integral part of corporate policy in all areas of the company.

Responsible employees

We practice open communication on environmental protection issues in our company and strive to raise and strengthen the awareness of employees, suppliers and business partners in this regard. The management expects a high degree of responsibility and initiative from everyone involved in implementing our environmental goals as well as an environmentally conscious way of working.

Communication and public

Of course, we observe all legal environmental regulations and are committed to exemplary fulfillment of the resulting requirements. DFT maintains an appropriate exchange with authorities and business partners in order to coordinate environmental protection issues in a trusting and open manner. Information about our environmental policy is available to interested parties at any time and is continually reviewed.

Protecting resources and reducing environmental impact

We strive to use water, energy and raw materials as economically and environmentally friendly as possible and are therefore committed to controlling and optimizing their use. We implement measures to reduce the environmental impact of our products and processes within the scope of economic possibilities and legal obligations.


We value bold and innovative solutions from our suppliers; this also includes environmental aspects. We therefore ensure that our suppliers also take responsibility for the environmental impact of their business activities and act in accordance with our environmental policy.

Risk Management

The management board of Executive Directors regularly assesses the status of environmental protection and environmental management in the company in order to identify risks and weak points and initiate necessary improvements. The resources necessary to fulfill and enforce our environmental goals are made available. The management and all employees are committed to implementing and maintaining this environmental policy.

For question, concerns or comments concerning our environmental policy please don’t hesitate to contact us via email under umwelt@dft.eu.