Split Tray

With the Split Tray, you can sort different products directly into containers.

Split Tray

The Split Tray consists of horizontally connected trays (transport trays) onto which the goods to be sorted are automatically or manually placed. The parts are detected via barcode. At the target point, the tray opens and drops the item into a tote, a carton or onto a chute. It is possible to modify this principle function with various options.

The special drive system of the Split Tray Sorter allows almost any conveyor layout, which can also include inclines and declines.

The flaps open independently of each other so that two items on one tray (e.g. T-shirts) can be sorted to different destinations. Large parts (e.g. jeans) can be placed over the entire tray. The system recognizes this automatically and then opens both flaps synchronously at the target.

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