KiSoft Analytics

KiSoft Analytics is an important tool for mastering the challenges of data-driven logistics. But in addition to intelligent information, the human factor will also be very important in the future. That's why you not only have a smart analysis tool at your disposal, but also the right logistics experts and the know-how of DFT and the KNAPP Group. Together, you can make the right decisions on the basis of sound statistics, key figures and forecasts and ensure sustainable success.

Analyze and visualize

Growing challenges in the business world, increasing competitive pressure, constant global and local changes in supply chains. Get a clear overview of these complex processes. The intelligent KiSoft Analytics application links logistical processes with real-time data. All important information and key figures are always available in clear dashboards on the desktop or in the mobile app.

Recognize trends. Derive actions

What is happening in your industry right now? How do you compare to your competitors? With the help of long-term statistics, current evaluations, forecasts and benchmarking, KiSoft Analytics provides business-critical information at a glance. Short-term tactical and long-term strategic measures can thus be taken at the right time. From the right date for predictive maintenance to optimization potential in warehouse utilization to the right moment to enter new business areas: KiSoft Analytics provides the information basis for such decisions.

Advantage through information

How can data be used to achieve tangible success in the business world of logistics? The intelligent KiSoft Analytics tool transforms disorganized data floods into intelligent, structured information streams. This allows you to make the right decisions for your plant and your supply chain at the right time based on solid information.


Smart combination of logistics processes and real-time data


Recognizing changes in business at an early stage


Benchmarking and intelligent threshold values

Flexible and secure

Flexible packages

Essential: Entry scope
Basic: Learn from historical data
Classic: Most important information at a glance
Premium: High-End-Package to develop further

Legal conformity

Data collection and storage in accordance with European law


State-of-the-art technology for transmission and storage

Backup and restore

State-of-the-art concepts for secure data

Comprehensive authorization management

From a technical perspective, authorizations are assigned strictly according to the need-to-know principle