The GarmentFlow® system transports, separates and picks clothes hangers in high volumes and with high throughput. It can be used for transport and distribution tasks in incoming goods, storage and retrieval, sorting and outgoing goods at the distribution center. The system can be used for the classic store supply of hanging garments as well as for other applications.

Use of clothes hangers as a transport medium

Garments on hangers can be hung directly in the GarmentFlow® system without the use of product carriers, regardless of whether they are metal hangers, clip hangers or plastic hangers. 2D barcode labels on the garments serve as a routing medium. In addition, system barcodes can be added to the system to identify blocks of garments on special hangers or as tags on garment hangers.

The GarmentFlow® system can convey individual items or transport blocks of goods several meters long into the warehouse. Transports over long distances and complex sorting processes are handled automatically, while processing and buffer areas, in which the goods must be freely movable and accessible, are operated manually. Various mechatronic technologies are cleverly combined with each other. For example, SKU-only bundles in incoming goods can be used to create individual assortments for store deliveries. Another application is the feeding, distribution and collection of goods in a hanging goods warehouse for subsequent provision to downstream processes.

GarmentFlow® component overview

The solution consists of various mechatronic components to orchestrate the flow of goods from incoming to outgoing goods. DFT has perfected the GarmentFlow® system over the years and offers a long-proven and established technology for hanging garments (GoH).


More than 50 years of product experience

DFT has been supplying the GarmentFlow™ product since 1970. During this time, the electro-mechanical components, the control technology and the WCS have been consistently developed further.

End-to-End process automatation

DFT is able to deliver complete warehouse automation from goods receipt, storage, picking to goods issue with the GarmentFlow® system.

Combined system for flat goods and hanging goods

DFT supplies hanging garments (GoH) and flat-packed goods systems as individual systems or in combination for comprehensive retail fulfillment.

GarmentFlow® – Flow of Garments on Hangers (GOH) in warehouse operations