EcoPocket® combines garments on hangers (GOH) and flat folded goods (FFG) in one system. The loading of EcoPocket® takes place at different locations within the warehouse, compensating different picking speeds. The system forms buffers in order to carry out waves regardless of the picking progress. The buffer option can also be used for efficient integration of returned goods or fast-moving items in order to increase the efficiency of the fulfillment center. EcoPocket® sequences the individual bags in the system and directs them to the packing stations in the correct order.

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Collecting items from different stocking technologies and picking speeds within the warehouse


Sequencing orders for efficient packing process


Load-Balancing at packing based on individual packing speeds

After sorting, the goods are made available to the packing stations according to order and in the specified sequence. Monitors show additional information, such as the number of parts in the order, the type of packaging or even product photos of the parts to be packaged. Operators now remove the goods from the bags and pack them according to customer orders.

EcoPocket® also works together with the roll adapter. Hanging and flat goods in one system.

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Technical Details

Use cases

eCommerce Sequencing and Retail Sequencing/Sortation


From small systems for item sorting with 20,000 pockets to large systems with more than 1,000,000 pockets


7.500 Pockets system performance per hour per Modul. Technical performance is at 10.000 pockets per hour. The amount of system modules in one installation is technically unlimited


DFT EcoPocket packing station for manual removal of the load.


Goods with a maximum size of 500 x 380 x 150mm (HxWxD) and a maximum weight of up to 3 kg


A dynamic buffer can be integrated into the AutoPocket™ system to hold returned items or pre-picks for quick and efficient access in the fulfillment process.

EcoPocket® – Flow of goods in warehouse operations