Our corporate values ​​form the ethical and cultural foundation of our DFT and influence the behavior and decisions of all employees.

1.) We do what is right

Integrity is non-negotiable for us. It is the ethical level by which we measure our behavior. Every employee is asked to follow and respect our principles of integrity and live them in their daily actions. By maintaining integrity in all our activities, we strengthen the trust of our customers, employees and business partners and contribute to the long-term success of our company.

2.) We put our customers at the center of our thoughts and actions

Customer centricity is the key to our success and sustainability. It strengthens our customers' trust and leads to long-term relationships, which are crucial to our company. Every employee is encouraged to contribute to customer centricity and live the principles of outstanding customer service in their daily actions.

3.) We demand quality and thrive on innovation

Quality and innovation are the cornerstones of our reputation and our success. We are convinced that first-class products and services are the basis for long-term customer relationships and sustainable growth. Every employee is encouraged to actively participate in our quality and innovation process and to help ensure that quality and innovation remain an integral part of our corporate culture.

4.) We are all accountable

A sense of responsibility is not just a duty, but an attitude that guides our actions. It is our contribution to the sustainable development of our company and our society. Every employee is asked to take on this responsibility and live the principles of responsibility in their daily actions. Through a shared commitment to responsibility, we not only strengthen our company, but also help create a better world.

5.) We help each other to be great and work together in good communication

Communication is the key to our success. It strengthens our relationships with colleagues, customers, suppliers and the community. We strive to maintain a culture of open and respectful communication where information flows freely and our company's goals can be achieved. Every employee is asked to actively contribute to promoting this culture and to live the principles of effective communication in their daily actions.

6.) We are conscious of resources

Our commitment to responsible use of resources goes hand in hand with our pursuit of economic success and social responsibility. We are convinced that the conscious use of resources not only secures our financial stability, but also makes a positive contribution to the environment and the community. Every employee is called upon to share and live this commitment.

7.) We are committed to our company, our company is committed to us

Cohesion and good cooperation are essential components of our corporate culture and our success. They promote the “we” feeling and are a prerequisite for the efficiency, creativity and innovation required to solve complex challenges. The company takes responsibility for its employees in difficult (personal) life situations and also offers assistance there that falls outside of the employment contract. Together we create an environment of trust and support.