Logistics costs should be reduced by simplifying processes

The project was to enable the three former celio* warehouses to be merged and to reduce logistics costs by simplifying processes and redefining system parameters. Furthermore, it was a declared goal to retain all employees.

Logistics costs should be reduced by simplifying processes





Men Streetwear and Accessories

The logistics centre consists of 5 hall sections, each with a foot print of 6,000 m². Pallet racks, an OSR ShuttleTM as well as a complete carton/tote conveyor system from KNAPP and a Split Tray Sorter with 688 destinations from Dürkopp were installed on it. Furthermore, one complete hall section is equipped with an automated overhead garment conveyor system from Dürkopp and a rack system from CMC. After only nine months of implementation, further successes became visible in addition to the achievement of the set goals: significant increase of the service level, optimisation of picking and simplified inventory count.


celio* has 1,000 stores in more than 60 countries, 2,600 employees and 550 million EUR in sales per year. 2 brand names, celio* and celio*CLUB, as well as 4 collections per year with 800 designs each and 35 million units sold per year.

Split-Tray Sorter

Split-Tray Sorter

If sortation of flat-packed goods at high capacity is required, the split tray is the right solution. It consists of horizontally connected trays (transport trays) onto which the goods to be sorted are placed. At the target point, the tray opens and drops the item into a tote, a carton or onto a chute. It is possible to modify this principle function with various options.

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