Modernization at the highest level

Next plc has developed rapidly in recent years. New business areas, growing sales channels, increased requirements and rising demand in the eCommerce market. Next therefore aimed to improve its warehouse efficiency and save on staff and decided to make its existing DC "Elmsall Drive" system more efficient. Split Tray" became "AutoPocket®": the solution is specifically designed to simplify the complex requirements of high throughput warehouses and reduce the processing time of customer orders. This ensures smooth and fast delivery to the end customer.

Modernization at the highest level

Reduced processing times as a result

The AutoPocket® has now become an indispensable part of Next's distribution network. The figures speak for themselves: the two AutoPocket® modules used achieve an output of 15,000 items per hour, while the AutoPocket® technology is also used with a separate module for outgoing goods sorting. This is designed for an output of 5,000 parcels per hour. This results in shorter throughput times from picking to dispatch. At the same time, Next saves around 35% in personnel hours per week compared to traditional cross-belt sorters.

At Next, the AutoPocket® has 2 applications: 2 AutoPocketvmodules are used for highly efficient consolidation and sorting of eCommerce orders, while 1 further module is also used as an outgoing goods sorter. The combination of AutoPocket® sorters with intelligent software meets Next's high performance requirements and optimizes the flow of goods from picking to dispatch.


Next plc is known as a leading British supplier of high-quality women's, men's and children's fashion as well as modern home furnishings and beauty. Next and third-party companies sell their products through 500 stores in the UK and Ireland as well as through the fast-growing online trade. The Group has an international presence with around 200 stores and via the Internet. The Next online platform enables the company to offer an extensive range and meet the demand for product variety from around 8.6 million customers worldwide. 'Let's take it on' is the motto that runs through all areas of Next plc. With around 45,000 employees, the company is constantly developing its products and processes. Years ago, Next specialized in the fast processing of customer orders and was a pioneer with the promise of "next-day delivery" for orders that arrive by 11 p.m. the day before. This service can only be provided to customers thanks to a sophisticated, cost-efficient logistics concept.



AutoPocket® offers modular components for creative solution designs and several new use cases. Combined use cases create innovative process designs with new efficiency in eCommerce and Retail fulfillment centers. From incoming goods sorting, sequencing of order items at the packing station to outbound good sortation, AutoPocket® makes a valuable contribution to intralogistics. The ability to open and deliver items while at full speed opens up new possibilities for automation for order packing and shipping process.

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