Pocket sorting makes pharmaceutical warehouse logistics more efficient

E-commerce and click & collect services from pharmacies, as well as increased order volumes, required more efficiency from Limedika's existing warehouse design. The new pocket sorter solution was to meet the requirements of traditional pharmaceutical wholesalers with a high degree of automation. The AutoPocket now enables efficient batch picking with end-to-end tracking of serial and batch numbers. Click & Collect orders benefit from the advantages of fully automated sorting of individual items and store batches. This enables fast delivery, even several times a day.

Pocket sorting makes pharmaceutical warehouse logistics more efficient

Multichannel distribution in the pharmaceutical sector

In addition to pharmaceutical wholesale, Limedika operates its own pharmacies and cooperates closely with other pharmacy brands and partner pharmacies. The joint market share of 30 percent results in a great responsibility for the reliable supply of pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicines and food supplements. For Limedika, the flexible pocket sorting system solves the task of multichannel order processing with a very low error rate thanks to batch picking.
The frequently small Click & Collect orders would have led to an imbalance in throughput in the previous sorting system and would have affected the overall system. These delays also had an impact on delivery times. The particular efficiency and level of automation of the Pocket Sorter with the AutoPocket and the batch picking of multiple orders has reduced processing times. The system design is scalable and provides Limedika with security for future growth.

Limedika (Lithuania)

The pharmaceutical company Limedika was founded in 1994. Major changes in the order structure (click & collect, online sales in the B2C sector), a sharp increase in e-commerce orders and responsibility as a supplier for around 1,500 pharmacies and hospitals meant that Limedika in Kaunas (Lithuania) needed to expand its existing warehouse. Limedika has its own logistics center and warehouses, which enable the company to supply pharmacies, hospitals and other partners with all the medicines they need. The company's extensive product range consists of 4000 pharmaceutical items and over 9000 medical products.



AutoPocket® offers modular components for creative solution designs and several new use cases. Combined use cases create innovative process designs with new efficiency in eCommerce and Retail fulfillment centers. From incoming goods sorting, sequencing of order items at the packing station to outbound good sortation, AutoPocket® makes a valuable contribution to intralogistics. The ability to open and deliver items while at full speed opens up new possibilities for automation for order packing and shipping process.

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