Pharmaceutical Distribution

DFT designs and supplies sequencing and sorting systems for pharmaceutical distribution centers. DFT's expertise from the retail eCommerce business is used in the business models of pharmaceutical wholesalers, central-fill fulfillment centers and mail-order pharmacies. The areas of application are “Click & Collect Fulfillment” (order compilation and packing), “Central Fill Fulfillment” (prescription compilation and packing), Cross-docking and “Mail Order Fulfillment” (online order compilation and packing).

Pharmaceutical Distribution

One system, different areas of application

DFT’s AutoPocket® system is generally used in pharmaceutical distribution centers. In the solution design, the load unit or item is automatically discharged into the destination via a chute and delivered to the target location in a product-friendly manner.

The system integrates into existing storage areas such as A-Frame for fast-moving, a shuttle system for medium-moving and a manual storage for slow-moving stock items. The AutoPocket® system is based on a batch picking principle. During order processing, the system is supplied with pre-picked goods from the existing storage areas.

LIMEDIKA - Application example for Click & Collect

FAQ - Questions and answers about AutoPocket® solution design?

What problem does AutoPocket® system solve?

The AutoPocket® system is used to deliver a large number of orders with few lines and few items in sequence to packing stations for customized packaging. The induction process (item into pocket) and the packing process (item from pocket into shipping package) are easy to learn and reliable. This results in a low error rate when compiling orders for the customer/patient. This fact and advantage of the system is all the more relevant for pharmaceuticals.

How is AutoPocket® supplied with ordered articles?

In the pharmaceutical trade, containers on roller conveyors are generally used for picking customer orders. The same picking method is used in conjunction with the AutoPocket® system. The batch-based AutoPocket® system is connected to the container conveyor system. The individual items of a batch picking are placed in 1 pocket each. A so-called Induct workstation is used for this purpose.

How are the articles/pockets sequenced?

To ensure that all items can be packed quickly and safely in a dispatch/collection parcel for the patient, they must arrive at the packing station in the correct sequence one after the other or together. DFT uses 2 possible methods to ensure this necessity. A.) 3-stage sequence sorting or B.) order streaming.

We would be happy to advise you personally on the best method depending on the specific application.



AutoPocket® offers modular components for creative solution designs and several new use cases. Combined use cases create innovative process designs with new efficiency in eCommerce and Retail fulfillment centers. From incoming goods sorting, sequencing of order items at the packing station to outbound good sortation, AutoPocket® makes a valuable contribution to intralogistics. The ability to open and deliver items while at full speed opens up new possibilities for automation for order packing and shipping process.

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